Decor Q&A: Painting or Wallpapering a Kitchen?


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What kind of paint or wallpaper should you use for a kitchen?


Use a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint for a kitchen so you can clean up pasta sauce splatters easily. Kitchens may be more humid than other rooms in your house due to the sink and dishwasher, so allow extra drying time between coats. With wallpaper, choose a glossed pattern with a print scaled to the size of your room, (i.e., a small print in a small kitchen). Or try glossy shelf paper in lieu of wallpaper.

But if you want to make a great investment, try tiling. It’s easy to clean and lasts the longest. Choose a premade tile medallion for your focal point on a tile backsplash. They’re predesigned small tiles on a piece of mesh, so it looks like you worked for hours. It gives you a very dramatic look in little time.

Nestpert Judy Scott of The Home Depot; Paul Ryan host of Kitchen Renovations on the DIY Network

-- The Nest Editors

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