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I'm thinking about upholstering our couch in a bright color or pattern. Will I regret this?


A bold sofa can really make a statement, so if you take the plunge, accessorize with more neutral or muted tones, says LA-based interior designer Jennifer Delonge. Try a white side table or coffee table, or choose pieces with natural elements. "Introducing new textures like wood, sea grass, and linen will balance the brightness of the couch," suggests Delonge. If you're really nervous about that blast of color, bring it into the room another way. Try one bright chair with a white or wooden side table. Or go for bold lamp shades on a modest base (Delonge's company, for example, sells fun shades made from vintage scarves). Another option: Bring in color with pillows—it's less of a commitment. For super-chic, modern fabrics, go to purlsoho.com.