Decor Q&A: Buying a Bright Couch?


The Nest Q&A

I’m considering reupholstering our couch in a bold color or pattern. Big mistake?


Sure, a couch in a bold bright color is a risk, but a fantastic way to make a statement in a room. The trick is accessorizing it with more neutral or muted tones in the rest of the living room, so the brightness doesn’t take over and give you a visual migraine. Pair it with a white side table or coffee table, or choose pieces with natural textures like wood, sea grass, and linen. If you’re really nervous about introducing that big blast of color, bring it into the room some other way. Try one bold-colored chair in the corner with a white or wood side table, bright lampshades on a modest base, or brightly-patterened throw pillows, which can always be replaced.

Nestpert Jennifer DeLonge, an L.A.-based interior designer 

-- Amy Spencer

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