Decor Q&A: Choosing The Right Blinds?


We’re looking for blinds that let in some light but still offer some privacy. Any suggestions?


Consider fabric shades. Roman shades (which fold up on themselves as you raise them) have a crisp, contemporary look, while “balloon” shades (which feature extra fabric gathered into vertical pleats and a billowing, scalloped edge along the bottom) create a more luxe feel. You can have either style made out of your favorite fabric. If you decide to go with curtains, hang sheer panel curtains beneath heavier top curtains (easy to do with a double rod) to allow for privacy while letting in light. Or create a stylish mix of textures by layering blinds made of a natural material like bamboo underneath your curtains. Alternately, wood shutters are classic and allow you to control how much light you let in. See smithandnoble.com or theshadestore.com for ideas.

-- The Nest Editors

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