Decor Q&A: Ideas For Decorating A Small Dining Room?


Have any ideas for decorating a small dining room?


Space challenged? No sweat. These tricks save space and create the illusion of airiness:

use folding leaves A table with this feature allows you to minimize its size and move it up against one wall when it’s just the two of you, but you can then expand it when you’re hosting a group.

space out chairs Instead of crowding chairs around the table, set up two of them (since that’s all you’ll need most days) and move extras elsewhere(even to the basement or garage). They’ll be easily accessible when you need them but won’t otherwise get in the way.

paint strategically If your dining room connects to another room, paint both rooms the same pale shade to create depth. If the dining room is closed off, consider a rich hue like deep cobalt, hunter green, or a bright, saturated yellow (just remember to keep the ceiling white). No amount of pale paint will make the room feel huge, but by creating a color statement, you’ll infuse the room with character.

-- The Nest Editors

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