Decor Q&A: Displaying Art?


The Nest Q&A

How do we display the art we have for the best impact on the art and the room?


For starters, hang use a leveler tool to hang your art straight, so that the center of the piece is at eye level. If you want to get fancy, light it either with an individual art light (you can even find them at Ikea). Where you place your fave pieces it depends on the room and the art: Some things just scream ‘over the fireplace’ or ‘perfect for a dull corner area.’ Don't be afraid to mix styles, textures, and colors. Contemporary art can lighten up a prewar room, tribal art or antique pieces can give a modern room more weight, and a bright, bold piece works well in a white room, so the art itself pops. Just don’t match your art to the exact colors of your furniture or rugs. If it's a piece you love, not a poster from Wal-Mart, you don’t want it to blend into the room and disappear. 

Nestperts Diane Riley, director of Bird Fine Art in West Hollywood; artist Gustavo Albero

-- Amy Spencer

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