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We can't decide between wood laminate and real wood floors. How do you choose?


Well, your space may help decide for you, says The Home Depot's Judy Scott. When it comes to wood floors, you have three options to consider:

SOLID WOOD PLANKS Solid wood is the most involved and expensive. But it can be refinished over and over, so it's a good long-term choice and can even add value to your place. The downside: It's not ideal below ground level (like in a basement) or in a kitchen or bathroom because of the potential for water damage.

ENGINEERED WOOD FLOORS Basically, this is a plywood material covered with a real wood layer. Engineered wood can be refinished once or twice and is an easier, cheaper alternative to solid wood; however, it won't add any value to your house, says Scott.

WOOD LAMINATE This is a plastic material made to look like wood, such as Pergo. Wood laminate can be installed in any room and can take any level of moisture or water, but it can never be changed or refinished, so you've got to commit! While it also doesn't add value to your home, you can buy a "floating" version that snaps together instead of one that glues together. You can then take it with you if you ever decide to move to a new home.