Decor Q&A: Guest Room Tips?


The Nest Q&A

How do I quickly make our guest room look cozy?


The most inexpensive way is to add pillows, pictures, and plush textures. Soft and warm equals cozy and snuggly, so load the bed with two Euros and two cushy head pillows -- all with coverings that go with a fluffy down comforter. Need a color scheme? Try using relaxing hues -- grayish blue, pale green, or lavender.

To soften bare walls, cut out 3' x 3' squares of coordinating fabric or wrapping paper and place each in a matted frame. You can decorate an entire wall by grouping four of these frames in a square.

Now look down: A cold, uncovered floor subtracts from the coziness you just worked so hard to achieve. Adding an area rug that extends from under the bed to the walking space will add an extra plushness so your guests feel at home (not that you want your mother-in-law to stay too long). Don’t forget to add a basket of magazines or favorite books for people browse through while they visit.

-- The Nest Editors

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