Decor Q&A: Hiding the Computer?


How do we disguise our computer desk in our living room?


The key? Let go of the idea that only desk-like and desk-looking things should go in the desk area, and design around it as you would the rest of the house. This means your desk doesn’t need to be a metal monstrosity. Consider a rugged wooden table with a brightly painted chair, or a clean white simple desk that looks like chic furniture (the West Elm “Parsons” desk, $299, is a designer favorite). 
Now on to the details. Since it isn’t realistic to totally clear your desk of clutter, make it look more artful. Mix in vases (they don't even need to have flowers), and if your desk faces a wall, lean paintings on either side of your computer. But since most desks still require a few practical items -- you know, a stapler, pencil holder, notebook-- try creating a cool color palette, like going entirely black and white, with cool glass jars of white pencils and black pens.
Nestpert Kim Gieske, an interior design consultant in New York City

-- Amy Spencer

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