The Nest Q&A

I want an original idea for displaying our wedding pictures. I was thinking about doing a wall collage. Any tips?


Showing off your portraits is a great way to bring a personal element into your décor. Plus, it’s a foolproof conversation-starter. Mix and match frames of different sizes and shapes. Hang a 4” x 6” with an 8” x 12” and put an oval-shaped frame next to a round one. Sounds too random for your taste? To keep the look streamlined and clean, stick to one finish for the entire collection of frames and be sure to position them at least two inches apart from each other. But before you whip out the hammer and nails, break out the arts and crafts. Cut paper into the same sizes as your frames. Tape them to the wall to figure out your favorite arrangement. Still not hooked? Check out ThePicturewallCompany.com to buy an all-inclusive DIY kit.