Decor Q&A: Kid-Friendly Decor?


How do we design our house in a kid-friendly way?


Basically, choose furniture that fits both their needs and yours, and fabrics and materials that can withstand a kid-beating. For rugs, try Flor tiles, which can be pieced together to build whatever size rug you need, and if a child spills on it, you can pick it up and clean it one tile at a time. Avoid jute or sea-grass rugs; they're too rough for babies to crawl on them. Plus, if you spill juice or even water on it, it will never come out. 
Another tip: Cover your couch and chairs in kid-proof fabric. If you don’t want to choose dark colors or patterns that hide spills, pick a fabric that will resist stains, or cleans easily, like Crypton. Also consider painting the kid’s rooms with glossy paint -- the higher the gloss level, the easier it is to clean. You can wipe off pen and crayon marks with a damp cloth that you couldn’t do with flat paint.
Nestpert Jennifer DeLonge, an L.A.-based interior designer

-- Amy Spencer

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