Decor Q&A: Matching Curtains?


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Should I match the bed cover pattern to the curtains?


Don't feel limited to being matchy-matchy. If everything looks the same, nothing stands out. Keep all of the surrounding colors and fabrics in the room as neutral as possible, then use the bed as as your focal point. The key to adding color to the bed is to follow a color-layering technique: Use neutrals on the floor and window treatments, and a strong solid hue (say, the bottom sheet or bed skirt). Go with a bold design for your comforter and pillows that incorporate the neutrals from the room and colors from your bedding pattern -- don't be afraid to mix it up. You can also add a touch of color to your bedside lamps by pulling in a dominant color from the comforter.

Nestpert Rebecca Ross of Rebecca Ross Interior Design in Miami, Florida

-- Amy Spencer

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