Decor Q&A: New Bathroom Look?


What are our options for giving our bathroom a new look?


A fresh coat of paint, like cornflower blue or sage, will totally update the room. If you don’t have the finances (or time) to redo your tiles, try a quick but big fix by changing out the bathroom vanity or medicine cabinet. Think creatively: You could buy a a dining room hutch piece at an antiques store and an inexpensive new sink to drop into it, then call a plumber to install the fixtures. Add a cool mirror and you're set.

If adding a new toilet (and tossing out the ugly mustard yellow one) is on your list, don’t get stuck with an ill-fitting throne. Beforehand, measure what’s called the “ruffin,” which is the distance from the wall to the bolts on the toilet (it's usually between 12 and 14 inches long). If you measure wrong, you’ll end up with a two- to four-inch gap between the toilet and the wall -- and a toilet you can’t return.
Nestpert Judy Scott of The Home Depot