Decor Q&A: Sprucing Up An Old Couch?


Any budget-friendly ways to spruce up an old couch?


While we know one quick and easy answer is to add a collection of fun, inexpensive throw pillows or a fitted couch cover to your lackluster love seat, we have a number of other not-often-though-of tricks up our sleeves.

Play with the lighting. We're not saying live in the dark, but don't have a 100-watt bulb shining on grandma's couch, if you know what we mean. Instead, have dim light and trendy lamp shades to soften the dingy effect (the cool shade will also be a good distraction).

Fool the eye. Get a painting or create a photo shelf to hang over your couch so that your point of reference goes beyond the eyesore.

Use a cover-up. Grab a funky or colorful throw (we love the fake fur ones) and hang it over the arm or back of your sofa. A bigger project you might want to look into is DIY reupholstering, or paying to have it done professionally. It might cost a few hundred dollars, but that's a lot less than a brand-new couch!

-- The Nest Editors

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