The Nest Q&A

I can't decide what to put on the wall above my couch. It's very frustrating because this is the first room you walk into when you enter my house, and it's the least complete.


Ah, the great wall debate! It's a challenge every new home decorator must face. There's a ton of options out there. We recommend either a single eye-catching item or a grouping of three or four. Try a mirror with a scalloped edge, a framed piece of art or a fabric stretched on canvas. Take the dimensions of the space you need to cover before you buy anything. Measure the length of the couch and the space from the top of the couch to the ceiling. Here's the trick: Find a piece that covers two-thirds of the space above the sofa. This will create balance without being overwhelming, and having a little room on both sides is ideal. When the piece is ready to hang, be sure the bottom is six to seven inches from the top of the couch. Come on, we've all had a head-banging incident at least once!