Decor Q&A: Spruce Up A Kitchen Backsplash


Any cool ideas on how to do our kitchen backsplash?


Before you think too hard about aesthetics, consider the functional aspect of a backsplash. First and foremost you want it to be easy to clean since food will splatter and greasy exhaust from the stove will inevitably wind up there. That rules out wallpaper and paint, which are a pain to clean. Think durable, easy-to-wipe materials like stainless steel or tile. Stainless steel is great if you’re going for a sleek, “chef’s kitchen” effect, and classic rectangular subway tile is simple and modern. If you crave a more colorful and creative look, use colored tiles arranged in a geometric pattern or even a mosaic. For photos of kitchens we love, check out TheNest.com/kitchen.

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