62 Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Punch up your pad with these colorful tips and tricks.

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1. Play Up Your Focal Point
Paint one wall a peppy Kelly green and position a sofa up against it.

2. Organize the Fragiles
Display your margarita glasses by color. See how much easier it will make your next cocktail party!

3. Hang Some Inspiration
Accept this window of opportunity to hang a fire-engine red and teal striped shade. You'll gain a natural boost from the sunlight hitting those oversize, preppy horizontals.

4. Arrange Plants Together
Skip the florals and line up a trio of succulents in colorful pots. Let them step in as the centerpiece.

5. Framed!
Ta-ta to the traditional wooden ones. Choose a poppy purple finish to show off your favorite snapshots.

6. DIY Your Dream Bed
Can't fit the canopy in your cramped quarters? Upholster a headboard with a chic geometric fabric for instant glam.

7. Wear Your Shades
Dig deep within one color, like red, and reveal all of its sides. Brights, lights, pinstripes and paisleys mesh well together.

8. Fake a Bigger Space
Skip construction (remember: you're on a budget!) and pick lighter shades for expanding your digs.

9. Line Up the Linens
Avoid fussing over towel territory by claiming a color. He gets navy; she takes periwinkle.

10. Pull It All Together
Spruce up a flea market find with colorful knobs. Mix and match pieces for that one-of-a-kind look.

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