Alison Boehm's Living Room: Before

Alison Boehm's outdated living room needed a boost into the new millennium. You won't believe the transformation Stacey Serro pulled off!

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Alison Boehm's Living Room: Before

No, this unfortunate living room is not the remains of The Brady Bunch set. It's a part of the estate that Nestie Alison Boehm bought from her late grandmother. "We would love to make it a cozy place for our family to gather, and we need a lot of help doing it," Alison told us.

Have no fear, friend. We knew that dark-wood paneling and burnt-orange carpeting would be a thing of the past once Stacey Serro got her hands on this generously sized space.

Click through to see how Stacey brought this living room into the 21st century!

Photo: Photo: Alison Boehm