Transform Your Space for Fall

In need of some timely tips to transform your space for the fall season? Here, interior design guru Betsy Helmuth proves you don’t need to spend a lot in order to live in luxury. Read on for ideas on transitioning your modest space into a cozy escape from the cold.

transform space from summer to fall

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1. Why go out into the cold when you can have the outdoors delivered to your door? Call a garden shop like Dry Nature Designs in NYC and get a basket of birch logs or a bowl of ruby pomegranates shipped. They will look fresh all season long!

2. Where are New Yorkers supposed to store their beach chairs and umbrellas? If you don’t have a storage unit or a free closet, stack them under your bed. Typically, it’s bad feng shui to put things under there; however, since the “energy” of these items has connotations of relaxation, you can rest easy.

Photo: Betsy Helmuth / The Nest

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