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Make your home a more earth-friendly environment with our tips for green living. We have green living ideas for every room in your house! Not sure where to start? Why not check out some of our eco-friendly finds? A simple step, like carrying foldable, reusable bags when you go shopping is a painless way to make a difference. Green living isn’t just better for the environment at large; it can also make your home a safer and healthier place. We’ve got advice on making your kitchen enviro-friendly and saving money (and the earth!) with a green cleaning routine. And our green living ideas go well beyond your four walls -- living green means making changes in other parts of your daily life, too. Why not start with your medicine cabinet? We’ve got the inside scoop on the best green beauty booty (this stuff really works!). If you’re ready to make an even bigger commitment to living green, look at our roundup of the hottest hybrids. Not in the market for a Prius just yet? Our tips for green living include advice on how to make your car greener. You can also learn the latest news about green living issues, from legal changes that could affect your furniture costs to hidden toxins that might be lurking in your home. But let’s not forget the fun stuff, too: You can also find advice on how to throw a chic and easy eco-friendly party and tips on some of the very best sites for green shoppers!

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