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How to Get a Cleaner, Greener Laundry Room

It doesn’t take much to start greening-up your digs. Here's how.

Photo: Consumer Reports

Relax, to make your home more energy smart you don't have to overhaul the entire place in one go. Here are three easy fixes that you can make today, this month…and finally, this year. Get your (recycled) calendar ready.

Today: Set the thermometer on your washer to cold when doing your laundry. There’s one exception: bedding. It is necessary to use hot water for bedding in order to kill dust mites.

This Month: Switch to a concentrated laundry detergent. Since it has less water in it, it’s lighter to ship, which is easier on the environment.

This Year: Replace your washer and dryer with an Energy Star model. They use less water and cost less to run (which means lower utility bills for you).

Nesperts: Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, authors of Squeaky Green: The Method Guide to Detoxing Your Home

-- The Nest Editors

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