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How to Live Green

Rooney drummer Ned Brower and actress Sarah Jane Morris share four easy ways you can help save the planet.

Buy Local

"Supporting local growers is what will make a change," says Sarah. "I really pay attention to where things come from -- I'll buy olive oil from California, not from Italy. Too much energy is used to import."

Say No To Plastic

"On tour, you can go through so many paper plates and shit," says Ned. "It drives me nuts. So I take silverware and keep it in my bunk."

Start A Garden

"Ned built these beautiful boxes that we planted our vegetables in," says Sarah. They get their greens from Ned's brother Luke, who runs Home Grow Micro Farms in L.A. They also compost to get rich soil for the garden.

Limit Packaging

"It's more energy efficient to transport stuff with less packaging," says Sarah. "I look for products with minimal packing."

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-- Michelle Lee Ribeiro

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