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How to Make Your Recycling Area Attractive

So you've decided to start recycling...great! Now, if only that area could be a little more attractive.

The exact way your recycling is sorted depends on your local recycling department, but chances are, you’ll need to sort it out in some way. Rather than throw all your recycling into one can to be sorted later, get separate bins for each category. Not only will this save you time down the road, but it’ll make your recycling area look clean and contained. Also, like items tend to settle in together more naturally, so the bins or cans themselves will look more neatly sorted.

Before you put anything in recycling, wash it out completely. Get rid of any leftover food or any other dirt or yuckiness. Again, not only will your recycling service thank you, but your area will look much tidier and organized (and smell a lot better). If labels get wet when you’re washing, rip them off cans or jars. And if you’re recycling cardboard boxes, break them down before you put them in the bin. This way, all the other paper and boxes will fit together much more easily.

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-- The Nest Editors