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Josie Maran's Green Living Tips

Eco-activist, model and creator of her own eponymous cosmetics line, Josie Maran fits a lot into her day. Add partner (to long-time love Ali Alborzi), and mom (to nearly four-year-old Rumi Joon), and we’re talkin’ packed calendar. Still, Maran carved out a few minutes to talk to TheNest.com. She shared tips on "greening up" every area of your home, and dished on how being so eco-conscious has factored into her six year (and counting) relationship.

Life in the green zone

In the beginning of our relationship, I definitely wore the eco pants in the fam. but now Ali is just as into it as I am. He loves to rummage and find cool, old stuff. So when he discovered that being green was fun and creative, he got into it. When we remodeled/redecorated our house he was very into finding alternative, one-of-a-kind materials to make our house unique.

How to green-up the kitchen

When your fridge starts to look old (or maybe you’re just sick of the color), you can revamp it by painting the exterior with three coats of chalkboard paint. You’ll end up with a very cool slate-colored fridge! Write the contents of the refrigerator on the front in chalk, crossing items off as you eat them. This will make you more conscious about not letting fresh fruits and veggies go to waste, which will also save you money.

How to green-up the bedroom

Green hasn’t meant granola for a long time. These days, it's very chic. In fact, some of the most luxurious sheets out there are also the most eco conscious. My favorites are made by a company called Legna. Take my word for it, a set of these will inspire great sex and great sleep!

How to green-up the bathroom

Always try to use healthy beauty products. Read your labels and educate yourself. Of course, I recommend Josie Maran 100% organic Argan Oil. I really believe that it’s the best multi use moisturizer in the world! Finding healthy products with multiple uses will cut down on clutter and keep toxic ingredients off of your skin.

How to green-up the living room

Buy vintage furniture instead of new whenever possible. It’s so much fun to scour flea markets and resale shops.

How to green-up the home office

Save energy and wear and tear on your hardware by shutting down your computer at night. You'll save an average of $90 on electricity a year.

How to green-up the garage

Drive a hybrid or ride a bike where ever you can. Besides being great for the environment, biking makes your butt look cute!

How to green up the yard

Composting is really easy. Simply throw your kitchen scraps into a bucket and then transfer them to a compost heap or container in your yard. The result is great, homemade soil that you can use to grow delicious veggies and flowers.

-- Hallie Goodman

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