$10 Tuesdays: Mermaids & Fish Scales

So long chevron and zigzags, you had a nice long run as a cult hit, but now it’s onto a new design obsession and that, my friends, is mermaids and fishscale designs. Here are a few items to get you excited.

Mermaid bottle opener, $6, PotteryBarn.com

Bird in Hand Design “By the Sea” switchplate, $4, Etsy.com

Starbucks® Logo Mug - Black, $9, StarbucksStore.com

Wood Mermaid Ornaments, $9, HomeBytheSeaShore.com

Art Floozy rubber stamp, $3.25, Etsy.com

Tidal Wave fabric swatch, $5, SpoonFlower.com

-- Sarah Newell