6 Bedrooms with Sex Appeal

Jen from Made By Girl here, reporting for design duty! Today I have bedrooms on the brain. Seductive, relaxing, haven-like bedrooms. I rounded up a few of my favorites for you. Hello, design inspiration!

bedroom interiors

Photo by Ryan Korban / The Nest

Ryan Korban is one of my favorite new designers. He really knows how to put together a space, no matter how small. It always looks sexy, cozy, dangerous, and a little exotic! Ryan combines elements like fur and metal and mixes black and white, making it all look super chic. I find that adding a hair hide rug to a bedroom adds instant sexiness….especially a white one!!

bedroom interior

Photo by Light Locations / The Nest

Super tall headboards are always sexy; they add a masculinity and strength to a space and can be softened with well-chosen coverings or styles. They're ideal when you have high ceilings or if you want to give the appearance of a larger bed.

If you're looking to give your room a boost of sexy, then definitely go for a tall headboard. This particular one from Light Locations seems to be a custom piece and has lots of warm tones, giving the stark white room a cozy ambience. Another super cool feature about this room: the tall cathedral ceiling.

black and white bedroom interior

Photo by Ray Main UK / The Nest

Oh come on, I don't care what anyone says: a fur throw on a bed is always sexy! It feels soft to the touch and is so comfortable you’ll never want to get out bed again. (Perfect for a romantic night in.) This bedroom from BNO Design has so many windows, it feels like the outside is actually inside.

bedroom interior

Photo by BNO Designs / The Nest

There's something so sexy & elegant about a black and white bedroom when it's done right. Case in point: this room from U.K. photographer Ray Main. The contrast of the black nightstands makes the headboard look even taller -- and I love the tufted headboard: super tall with a luxurious hotel feel. The black accent pillows provide a nice symmetry and horizontal flow. And note the acrylic lamp bases: rather than a blah ceramic or an overbearing metal, the stacked disks add extra vertical dimension. And white flowers: sexy all the way!!

white bedroom interior

Photo by HGTV / The Nest

This is an unusual room, with so many patterns I can barely keep up! But it seems to work just fine don't you think? This HGTV bedroom is somewhat bohemian in style, like you're being transported to another country all the while still having a great city view!

-- Jen Ramos