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Photo by Made By Girl

Hi, I’m Jen Ramos, and I’m psyched to be the first guest contributor to the new and improved décor blog, Nest Obsessed, on The Nest!

Ahem, a little about me first: I’m the founder of Made By Girl, which I launched as a blog in 2006, followed by the Made By Girl online shop in 2007. That’s where I sell really cool paper goods and typographical posters. My little ol’ shop’s even been featured in publications like Marie Claire, Lucky and Pregnancy magazine (and now on The Nest!).

I also recently launched another online shop called Cocoa & Hearts, and I sell original paintings that I've created. Come check ‘em out!

But enough about me. Let’s talk closets. Better yet, let’s look at some of the closets I’m drooling over this week -- closets you can walk into, spin around and, basically, live in if you really wanted to. Oh yeah, and you can even fit your guy’s stuff in these closets without having to compromise any of your fabulousness. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite closets built for two. A girl can dream, can’t she?


ClosetPhotos: Southern Exposure via Made By Girl (3)

Most of the time, we women tend to take over decorating the home, and decorating a closet is no different. Yes, decorating the closet! Amazing, right? This particular closet is modeled after a boutique, with one side belonging to the hubby and the other to the wife. Imagine having enough space for not one, but two dressers inside of your closet -- this couple was able to do just that. Jealous much?


The husband had his dresser painted white, whereas the wife left hers the original mahogany finish (how’s that for decor role reversal?).


It's spacious and stylish with one large, circular mirror that fits both parties -- no bumping or shoving required. Brilliant.

So, a lot of us aren’t lucky enough to have more than one closet in the master bedroom. And sharing that precious territory can get messy if everything’s just thrown in there every which way. The trick is to each pick a side (this is one place where it’s okay to get territorial in your marriage!) then add lots of drawers and shelving space in order to contain double the wardrobe. This dream closet shows how it’s done.

Closet Photos: DIY Design Fanatic via Made By Girl (3)

The woman's side has a more spacious shoe rack, and the man's side has things like tie hangers and a handy storage system for belts.


Drawers, open shelves and double rods take full advantage of all that vertical space, leaving enough room, of course, for the two of you to tango in there. Just like your closet at home, huh?

Vanity Mirror

And then there's this mirror. Love.

Check out a bunch more drool-worthy couples’ closets over here on Made By Girl.

-- Jen Ramos

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