Happy 11:11!

The Nest and online gift shop 11:11 have teamed up to bring you some of the coolest anniversary gifts around.

It's 11/11: Make a wish!

What'd you wish for? Oh, I know, you can't tell me or it won't come true. Ever since I was a kid, I've been making a wish whenever I catch the clock displaying 11:11 (try it; you'll find yourself noticing it all the time!).

Our wish to all you Nesties is for your next anniversary to be the most amazing yet. That's why we launched The Nest Ultimate Anniversary Ideas guide today (srsly, whoever is getting married today, on 11/11/11, is so lucky).

We also did something really exciting. We teamed up with one of my favorite online gift shops, 11:11, to a curate a gallery of 11 of my favorite products -- all of which would make the most adorable anniversary gifts, like this "It's Fun to Fool Your Husband" checkbook cover.

Go check out the rest of my 11:11 picks here, and be sure to follow 11:11 on Facebook. Their updates are always adorable and inspiring.


Nest Kristine