Golden Globes 2012: My Red-Carpet Rundown

Nest Coco breaks down this year's fashion hits and misses.

Trend of the night: Headbands. I get it -- it's cute and playful and the Globes are supposed to be the fraternity party of award shows, but this isn’t Gossip Girl circa 2008. It’s over.

Photo: Yahoo.com

Reese, its called tailoring. You know better.

Photo: BeautyIsDiverse.com

Not gonna lie, normally I hate the same old Carolina Herrera look Sofia Vergara goes for all the time. And yes, this still looks like Herrera even though its Vera Wang, but homegirl looks drop dead gorg here. That color is unreal on screen, so I can only imagine what it looked like in person.

Photo: Just Jared

I die for this dress but I would have done gold accents instead of black; would have popped more.

Photo: Just Jared

Love this dress, but is it just me or wouldn’t this have looked a hell of a lot better on someone like Charlize Theron or I might even say Angelina? That would have been a big step for Angelina instead of her usual monotone dresses.

Photo: FabSugar

She is everything and more: Her body, her face…I just cant. Gonna go ahead and say she is my fav of the night. So simple and understated.

Photo: VanityRich.com

No. and I strictly blame Marchesa…we get it. But this look is done. Blake Lively did it like five times last year.

Photo: New York Daily News

We literally look the same age. #pleaseletmelookhalfasgood

Photo: Los Angeles Times

-- Coco Vomero