Could you live in 200 square feet?

Ikea thinks you can. And they’ll help you do it. Recently, we went to check out their in-store small space living sets that showcase stylish and organized living. Walking through the Ikea aisles always makes us feel a little less organized and efficient. If we planned, we could maximize our space and lead organized, stress-free lives.

But today’s lesson is more about style. Ikea is also showcasing that small space living doesn’t have to be modern – it can be, but Ikea also designs stylish, traditional pieces shown in this kitchen below. So you can decorate your home to your taste regardless of size.

Check out the traditional kitchen below. The kitchen doubles as a chopping block and there’s lots of vertical storage.

Here are a few Ikea items to get the look:

STENSTORP Plate shelf, $60

BEKVÄM Stepladder, $40

DROPPAR Jar with lid $6 each


Exhaust hood, $999

SENIOR Casserole with lid, $40

There was one room that had 4 bunk beds along one wall! Now that’s a bit too close for comfort for most Americans, but for summer houses or weekend homes in the country, it can come in handy.

What do you think: Could you live in 200 square feet?

-- Sarah Newell