Jonathan Adler Has Designs on Your Toilet Paper

Our favorite happy-chi designer, Jonathan Adler, has designed decorative roll covers to hide individual or “back up” toilet paper rolls in your bathroom. The three limited edition designs come in his trademark retro style and punchy colors.

Order them online for $1.99 each at RespectTheRoll.com.

We caught up with the designer to find out about his TP thoughts.

The Nest: Why toilet paper covers?

Jonathan Adler: I love to take everyday objects and turn make them groovy so I was thrilled when Cottonelle approached me to design the brand’s spring collection of toilet paper roll covers. Until now, toilet paper has been a relatively untouched canvas so I was thrilled to make them look nifty.

TN: In your bathroom, do you roll the toilet paper under or over?

JA: Obviously I roll them over. Duh! I don’t even understand people who roll them under.”

TN: What other eyesores around the house do you think need decorative covers?

JA: Everything could use a snood! I’d love to make a nice remote control cozy.” Can you name your favorite bathroom – in a hotel, yours at home, etc? “I was in Japan last month and stayed at a gorgeous hotel called Gora Kadan and I would have happily lived in that bathroom.

(Note to your readers: save your shekels and go there immediately--it’s sublime!)

It was all gorge and Japanese and opened into the most beautiful outdoor bath that was carved out of a rock and I loved it. Heaven.

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-- Sarah Newell