What If A Kid Designed Your Home?

When I was little, I would walk around my house trying to find secret passageways. I pushed walls, moved books, pulled on figures, and (surprise!) nothing happened. When my parents wanted to renovate or redecorate, I would find a lot more problems than the color of our walls. I mean, we didn’t even have a tower with a spiral staircase! (Who designed this place anyway?) I vowed that when I purchased my own home, these things would have top priority. But, oh, how priorities change.

Then I saw this piece on home slides, and now I can’t stop fantasizing about installing one of these bad boys in my (future) home. Because c’mon, how cool would it be to slide down to breakfast?

slide in penthouse

Photo by Mother Nature Network / The Nest

A New York bachelor pad plays up the space with a slide connecting two penthouse apartments. Why not?

slide in playroom

Photo by Mother Nature Network / The Nest

This slide drops down from a trapped door in the bedroom to the living room. We’re insanely jealous.

modern living space

Photo by Mother Nature Network / The Nest

Not feeling the stairs? It’s cool, take the slide on the side instead.

What do you think? Would you ever install a slide in your home or do you have any fun features you secretly want?

-- Samantha Leal