A Hot New Orleans Kitchen Redo - Nestie Virtual Makeover

Interior designer Stacey Serro gives her client a digital kitchen makeover, complete with real product recommendations. The result? An inviting space that packs a major punch.

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Photo by P-L-A-I-D.com / The Nest

When Charlotte Lee met with interior designer Stacey Serro of P-L-A-I-D, she was seeking inspiration for a kitchen redo.

She wanted her New Orleans kitchen to be an inviting space where she could both dine on a daily basis and entertain friends. Charlotte’s design preferences lean toward traditional with a contemporary touch -- but luckily, she was open to new ideas, too. Stacey set out to digitally design a new kitchen for Charlotte using gorgeous products from brands within Charlotte’s budget: HomeGoods, Target, Ballard Designs, Z Gallerie, West Elm and more. Just have a look at that shopping list!

Stacey's imagined redo of Charlotte's kitchen is defined by its clean lines and approachable modern aesthetic. “This is definitely a room that makes a statement,” says Stacey. We agree! Have a peek at Charlotte's kitchen before Stacey worked her magic.

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Photo by P-L-A-I-D.com / The Nest

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Photo by P-L-A-I-D.com / The Nest


Photo by P-L-A-I-D.com / The Nest

What do you think of Stacey for virtual makeover of Charlotte’s kitchen?

Don't forget to visit Stacey Serro's site, P-L-A-I-D, for more design inspiration just like this! And if you have a room that’s in desperate need of a redo, email a "before" photo to HomeTours@thenest.com. If we choose your room, Stacey Serro will give you a complimentary virtual makeover (sketch and product picks) -- and we’ll publish it here in Nest Obsessed!

-- Kristine Solomon