Best of The Nest This Week: Sex, Kindness and Cocktails (Not Necessarily in That Order)

Wowza, what a difference a couple of weeks can make! When last we spoke, I was sweating bullets here in The Nest offices in NYC. This week? Oh, just bracing myself through an earthquake and Hurricane Irene. That's normal for the east coast, right? Let's distract ourselves from the End of Days by taking a glance at what was hot on The Nest this week, shall we?


Test Your Sex IQ

How good are you in the sack? No, we mean how good are you realllly in the sack? Like, do you know the ideal amount of foreplay? Can you zero in on the most sensitive part of your man's package? Hey, if you don't trust us, at least trust Patti Britton, PhD, author of The Art of Sex Coaching (yes, it's an art, not a science. Please update your records).

Although some Nesties called b.s. on what we had to say. Particularly MEJOHNSO, who wrote, "Question 4 is a little ridiculous. Sorry, I'm in it for the orgasm." Please, don't be sorry -- some of us are with you!

The Kindness Experiment

Can random acts of kindness improve your relationship? That's what our writer set out to discover when she began Project Kindness on her unsuspecting boyfriend. Calling to say "I love you" worked wonders (did you catch my Stevie Wonder reference? I had to), but our lovergirl went above and beyond the call of duty by paying her man's parking ticket too. His reaction? You'll just have to click over to see.

What Mixed Drink Are You?

Are you sweet and girly? Laid-back and adaptable? A total pain in the ass? If you don't know by now, we're happy to diagnose you without ever having met you. Just take our What Mixed Drink Are You quiz! (FYI, I'm a Pina Colada.)

That's all for now. Until we meet next week...

-- Kristine Solomon