Best of The Nest This Week

Oh, summer. You left us without even saying goodbye. We could've work things out. Isn't there anything we can say to make you come back? No? Okay. We'll reflect on what was hot on The Nest this week instead...

5 Ways Orgasms Will Save Your Life

couple under blanket

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It turns out the big O is a bigger deal than you think. Not only does it feel, like, uh-mazing, but it also lowers your risk of a heart attack, wards off endometriosis and even treats addiction (although the mere existence of Lindsay Lohan makes us question that last one). Check out all the other life-enhancing benefits of orgasms -- then get busy!!

What Can You Really Learn from Reality TV?

Yes, we agree that most reality TV stars show you just how not to conduct yourself, but what if their often abhorrent behavior actually pointed out ways in which we could improve ourselves? Our writer pinpointed scenarios from a handful of her favorite guilty pleasure shows and tried to incorporate the lessons she learned into her own humble existence. See what happened!

And while you're at it, take this quiz to find out which Kardashian you are! (Scary, we know.)

7 Fabulous Frozen Drinks

We're not ready to give up summer yet. Or happy hour. You'll have to take us down kicking and screaming, with frozen cocktails clenched in our fists! Check out these seven of our favorites.

That's what's hot on The Nest! Until we meet again...

-- Kristine Solomon