The Unfortunate Truth: What Your Home Would Look Like if it Were Decorated by the Man

We men can be difficult. We have little taste, we can’t even grasp the most basic of aesthetic concepts, and we’re never patient enough for your decorative strategies. (That’s 20 percent stereotype, 80 percent reality.) But here’s the thing: If you only knew what we actually wanted, you’d see that every day we’re making a silent compromise, of sorts. What would the home look like if decorated by the man? Here’s the ugly truth:

man sleeping in recliner

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Black is the New Black

Black leather sofa, black leather reclining chair, black bookshelves (from IKEA, of course) and black coffee table. This matches our black TV stand and our black bed frame. If we need a dash of color, fine, but it needs to be something equally simple: white.

Photo: Thinkstock