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Moving into a new home? Your new digs could use a pick-me-up! Do-it-yourself home improvement is a great way to go. Sure, you’ll save yourself some money. But even better, opting for DIY home decor and home improvement guarantees that your space will be totally unique (and exactly what you envision). We’ve got plenty of easy DIY projects and fresh home improvement ideas to help get those creative juices flowing. From monogram pillows and fabric headboards that you can knock out in a day, to interior home painting ideas, including basics (like how-to tips and a helpful glossary) and well beyond (think: how to spice up your space with stripes). If you’re new to do it yourself home improvement, start with the must-know stuff like our list of what you need to DIY, and our Q&A on choosing wallpaper, making the most of small spaces, and more. Short on time? Check out our easy DIY projects to tackle in one weekend and our list of simple home improvement ideas that are guaranteed fast fixes. No matter what you want to make over, we’ve got you covered with DIY home decor tips for every room. Browse our decor photos by room or by style -- we’ve got great home improvement ideas and decorating projects to suit anyone. And when you’re finished with your do it yourself home improvement, show off your style and upload your own photos to The Nest!

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