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10 Painting Tips from Nate Berkus

Can't decide what color to paint your walls? Nate Berkus, one of Chicago's coolest decorators and author of Home Rules uncovers the top ten questions that will lead you to the perfect hue.
What's your favorite color? Open a box of crayons and pick the first color that catches your eye.
How do you react to color? Do the warm shades of a sunset move you? Or is it the clean, clear coolness of a winter landscape that speaks to you?
What's in your clothes closet? Does that one red sweater get passed over time and time again for the neutrals in your wardrobe?
How big is the space? Do you want it to feel larger or cozier?
If you're decorating more than one room, do you want to unify them with color?
How do you want to feel in the room: laid-back and relaxed or excited and energized?
What's the room's current scheme? Are you already living with colors you like, or are you looking for a change?
How much available light is there? What time of day will you use the room most?
Is there a color memory you want to call up? A place you want to re-create? A mood you want to capture?
Are you decorating a room with a view? Do you want to incorporate the hues in your surroundings into the palette?

 Excerpted from HOME RULES by Nate Berkus. Copyright Nate Berkus. All rights reserved. Published by Hyperion.

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