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How to Add a a Fancy Finale to a Plain-Jane Lamp

Photo: Antonis Achilleos / The Nest

First off (and most important), what’s a finial? (Don’t worry, some of us had to ask too.) A finial is an architectural topper, such as that piece at the top of a lamp, above the shade. It’s partly used to fasten the lamp shade to the base, and partly just to be pretty. Here’s how to use one to liven up a lamp.

It’s super-easy to make your own finial using some sort of found, meaningful or pretty object (like a pinecone, your grandma’s costume jewels or a playful miniature house). Just use hot glue to attach the bottom of the object to the top of the basic finial that likely already exists on top of your lamp. (If no finial exists, buy one at your local hardware store.)

Since it’s so small, a lamp’s finial is a great place to add some whimsy and creativity to a room. Have fun with it, and let yourself go a little crazy!

-- The Nest Editors

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