Decor Q&A: Choosing Where to Wallpaper?


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Is there one room in the home that you think is best for wallpapering?


For first-time wallpaper DIY-ers, the best place to put it up first is a small space, like a guest bathroom. Why? You'll be more likely to take a risk with a fun pattern you may not be as likely to try in a larger room that you use more often. Plus, you'll have to buy much less paper to complete the job, which will save you cash. If you love the way it looks, consider a more subtle pattern for some of the other rooms in your home. Hint: If you decide to wallpaper your master bathroom or your kitchen, make sure you buy scrubbable wallpaper so those high-traffic areas stay clean.

Nestpert Given Campbell of Given Campbell Wallpaper Design Studio 

-- The Nest Editors

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