Decor Q&A: Elegant Tabletop Tips?


The Nest Q&A

How can I create an elegant table for my next dinner party?


When you're going for a chic look, focus on the main pieces that will be eye-catching to your guests. Start with your table covering. You may normally go with a bare table, but to kick it up a notch, add a runner, a tablecloth, or placemats. Go for linen (which looks a little fancier than cotton) in white, taupe, chocolate, or rich orange. If your walls are neutral, don't be afraid to try a pattern (bonus: they hide stains better!). 

When you're setting the table, you can't go wrong with classic white china -- it never goes out of style. If your set feels too casual, amp it up with platinum chargers. Pair it with fab flatware on linen napkins (sorry, paper just won't cut it). 

As for your centerpiece, try a bowl of floating votives, mini vases of different flowers all in the same color, or a big glass bowl of seasonal produce (lemons in summer, apples in fall, pomegranates in winter, and artichokes in spring).

-- The Nest Editors

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