Decor Q&A: Making a Cozy Home?


The Nest Q&A

How can we make our home feel cozier?


Use these five easy tricks to help you achieve serenity in your space:

1. Go botanical. Mounting a series of botanical prints on your walls is the quickest way to give them some stylish sophistication. Pictures of leaves, flowers, and even fruit bring in the outdoors and capture the spirit of all four seasons.

2. Update your curtains. Buy an inexpensive pair of plain curtains (we like pleated ones) and amp them up with some grosgrain ribbon trim sewn vertically down the edges. The heftiness of grosgrain will make them look expensive, and the subtle embellishment will turn forgotten-about curtains into a unique focal point.

3. Soften with slipcovers. With basic sewing skills and inexpensive organdy or muslin, you can give uniform style to your seats, turning them into a well-dressed family.

4. Splash up the sink. Create a playful backsplash with a line of flea market or melamine plates inspired by the season.

5. Bring nature in. Celebrate lazy beach days by displaying sandy finds in a guest room or living room. Shells of a similar color draw attention to subtle variations in hue and form. During cooler months, the bright colors of gourds, crab apples, rosehips, feathery wild grasses, and nonpoisonous bittersweet announce the season, welcoming you and your guests into the room.

-- The Nest Editors

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