Decor Q&A: Maximizing Space?


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We live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. What are some things we can do to make our space look (and feel) bigger?


You’re in luck. Try these 10 simple tips to trick the eye:

1. Paint with delicate hues. The lighter the color, the more open the space appears to be.

2. Use shades of the same color. Paint the walls, trim, and detailing in different shades of one color. "By using a monochromatic scheme," says Adam Janovic, former president of New York's Janovic Paints, "you'll make the room look more open."

3. Get perspective. Hanging pictures of expansive landscapes with a vanishing perspective will trick the eye into thinking your pad’s got depth.

4. Think big. It’s better to have one well-designed prominent piece that makes a statement than to have smaller pieces of furniture that clutter.

5. Space things out. Furniture sometimes looks better when it’s placed at an angle or surrounded by space.

6. Make it clear. Use glass-topped tables -- the glass gives the appearance of more space and less clutter.

7. Add multifunctional pieces. Investing in furniture that serves multiple functions (say, an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table) is a great way to save space.

8. Fold it up. Make the most out of a combined living-dining area with futons and collapsible tables.

9. Reflect your space. Using mirrors well can open up your home. Display them together on one wall, leaving some space in between.

10. Give your ceiling texture. Metallic textures or painted beams on the ceiling create the illusion of height.

-- The Nest Editors

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