Decor Q&A: Wallpaper That Won't Clash?


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Can I wallpaper without it sticking out like a sore thumb?


Wallpaper doesn't have to scream "look at me!" but can instead enhance what's already in the room. To keep your pattern from looking out of place, stay in the same color range as the dominant colors you already have in your space. If you want to be on the safe side, choose softer tones that don't compete with the brightest or patterns that don't clash with the busiest elements of your room. If your sofa or rug has a stripe or criss-cross pattern, for example, avoid a super-graphic print.

What if your room is mostly white or beige and there isn't much color inspiration to start with? Pull in coordinating colors by matching the wallpaper tones to your accessories, whether they're rugs, vases, or lamps. This way, you can use any pattern, and it'll give the impression that it was all done together. Plus, since you already know you love those colors, it makes choosing the right hue so much easier.

Nestpert Given Campbell of Given Campbell Wallpaper Design Studio 

-- The Nest Editors

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