How to Create a Garden That’s Nearly Impossible to Kill

Can’t seem to keep a houseplant without killing it? Then you need to read this. We got the secrets straight from Brooklyn Plantology by Lapide’s gardening guru Mary Ann Rounseville.

diy terrarium complete

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Decide on Open or Closed

Before you begin building your terrarium (yes, terrariums are the secret for all you black thumbs) decide if you should create an open or closed one. We went with a closed version that had a glass cloche top, which is best for tropical plants. A closed terrarium creates its own environment (just think of a mini-version of ‘90s flick, Bio Dome) that sets its own ideal temperature as it recycles water and air, allowing tropical varieties to flourish. Open terrariums with succulents and cacti are best for warm climates that receive lots of direct light.

Photo: Mary Ann Rounseville