DIY: Reupholster a Chair

Have an old chair in need of a modern makeover? Take a seat.

DIY: Upholster a Chair

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Tool Box

Sanding and Painting
120- and 220-grit sandpaper
Dust mask
Heavy plastic drop cloth
1 quart of primer
Rags and paper towels
1 quart of semigloss latex paint for each chair frame
2 high-quality synthetic brushes for painting
1 trim brush for painting details on chair
1-½ yards of upholstery fabric for each cushion
Upholstery-grade foam rubber for the cushion
Staple gun (or carpet tacks)
⅜-inch staples
Fabric scissors
Pencil or fabric chalk
Screwdrivers (Phillips head and flat head)
Measuring tape
Needle-nose pliers
Chef’s or utility knife

Photo: Antonis Achilleos

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