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Get ready to reinvigorate your space -- you’ve come to the right place for home decorating ideas and style solutions for every room! We’ve got decor tips and top trends for decorating homes whether your home-sweet-home is a house, condo, or apartment. Looking for an easy home decorating idea to spruce up your space? We post our favorite new finds every day (including plenty of bargain picks!). Or browse our photo galleries -- you’ll find home decoration ideas for every room and every style. Thinking of painting your walls, buying furniture, or even just getting organized? All the info you need is right here. For even more home decorating ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out our Nestie house tours. Peek inside real Nesties’ homes, and see some of our favorite details, from front doors to dining rooms. No matter what kind of home decorating idea you’re searching for, you’re sure to spot something you love. Remember, you don’t have to give your pad a complete makeover to make a change. Why not just try a new window treatment or hang some artwork? Decorating homes is easy with our simple, easy-to-follow tricks. Learn how to add a bold pop of color in your kitchen or on your couch, or how to make the most of a small space with functional furniture that does double duty. And we have tons of home decoration ideas that won’t bust your budget, from ways to decorate for less to home finds for under $100 (or even less than $50!).

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Find a Contractor Checklist

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Consider your contractor the point person for your home improvement project. A general contractor’s responsibilities can include hiring subcontractors (like some of the pros listed below) and making sure you have all the proper permits. Specialty contractors (true to their name) specialize in particular projects, like fixing up bathrooms or installing windows. See below for tips on how to hire one.

Don’t settle on the first contractor you meet—interview and ask for bids from several contractors for a better idea of what’s a reasonable estimate. Ask each contractor about his experience, how long she expects the job to take, how much it is expected to cost, and whether he is insured. Also ask for references and try to visit a client where the job’s been completed to see the contractor’s work.

Before you accept a bid, get everything in writing: the estimated start and end dates, cost, and a list of materials. If your general contractor is hiring subcontractors, make sure they sign a “mechanic’s lien” so that you’re not liable if there’s disagreement in payment between the two parties.

Be clear about how much of a down payment you’ll have to make—anything under 15 percent of the total bid is reasonable. Some states even limit the amount a contractor can ask for a down payment. Check with your local Office of Consumer Affairs for laws in your area.

For a big job, you might be asked to pay the bill in increments. Make sure your payments sync up with the work that’s actually been done. If you’re being asked to pay half the bill, the job should be at least halfway complete.

Do a walk-through with your contractor and make sure everything in your contract is complete. If something is missing or you’re not happy with the work, make a “punch list” with your contractor, which lists everything that needs to be done before you make the final payment.

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