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How to Improve a Rental Bathroom

If you rent a house or an apartment and the bathroom is slightly skeevy, making major renovations just isn’t an option. But, there is still hope. Here are some easy ways to freshen it up:

Clean, clean, clean

Sounds simple, but you might be surprised at what a good scrubbing -- especially to the grout (we’re talking toothbrush-level here) -- can do for a room. You can also use a bleach pen for stubborn stains. Don’t forget things like inside the medicine cabinet and under the radiators. While it’s not as obvious as a sparkling faucet, crud and dust buildup in these areas can make the bathroom look old and tired.


Putting new caulking in around the bathtub, if it seems moldy, will make an incredible difference -- in fact, it might even encourage you to take a soak in that tub!


Just changing a bulb or the wattage can make a huge difference, switching up the ambiance from cold and institutional to warm and spa-like. Vanity lighting should be at least 150 watts, so you’re fully illuminated while you primp. For the rest of the room, go for low-voltage halogen bulbs, which give a nice white light that really shows off your skin tone accurately (you might have to cough up a little extra, but they’ll last much longer). A dimmer switch is also great, so you can turn down the lighting when you want to relax in the tub.


Go for off-white towels and other accessories, like soap holders, lotion dispensers, and wastebaskets, especially if the room is small -- this’ll really open things up. The shower curtain is a particularly good place to add your own personality.


Hang a bright and cheerful picture to draw attention away from any sketchiness in the rest of the bathroom.


Adding mirrors -- especially ones that reflect off each other -- will really give the room a larger appearance and add lots of brightness.


This one’s for you, not the looks -- invest in a high-quality showerhead so that no matter what your bathroom looks like, a shower will always feel great and spa-like. Then when you move out, take the showerhead along with you!

-- Paula Kashtan

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