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Get ready to reinvigorate your space -- you’ve come to the right place for home decorating ideas and style solutions for every room! We’ve got decor tips and top trends for decorating homes whether your home-sweet-home is a house, condo, or apartment. Looking for an easy home decorating idea to spruce up your space? We post our favorite new finds every day (including plenty of bargain picks!). Or browse our photo galleries -- you’ll find home decoration ideas for every room and every style. Thinking of painting your walls, buying furniture, or even just getting organized? All the info you need is right here. For even more home decorating ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out our Nestie house tours. Peek inside real Nesties’ homes, and see some of our favorite details, from front doors to dining rooms. No matter what kind of home decorating idea you’re searching for, you’re sure to spot something you love. Remember, you don’t have to give your pad a complete makeover to make a change. Why not just try a new window treatment or hang some artwork? Decorating homes is easy with our simple, easy-to-follow tricks. Learn how to add a bold pop of color in your kitchen or on your couch, or how to make the most of a small space with functional furniture that does double duty. And we have tons of home decoration ideas that won’t bust your budget, from ways to decorate for less to home finds for under $100 (or even less than $50!).

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Renovating Q&A: Painting Tile?


Can I repaint my tiles instead of replacing them?


Some of them, sure, as there is special paint made just for covering tile on kitchen walls, countertops, floors, or bathroom walls and floors. The big caveat: Avoid painting the bathroom tiles inside your shower, as the constant water contact and high-moisture levels will lead to peeling tile in no time. To paint your tiles, follow this system: Clean the tile vigorously with an abrasive cleaner. Sand them down as much as you can to make remove as much gloss as possible, and clean them again. Next, paint them with a high-adhesion primer, and let the primer dry for only the amount of time it says on the package (points out Home Depot expert Judy Scott, every product is different, and if you miss the window of application for the paint, your primer will harden and become useless.) Then, cover using a high-gloss paint -- buy wall paint for the walls, and floor paint for the floors. Finally, some experts suggest waiting two days after the color coat, and topping the tiles again with a high-gloss, water-based urethane for a clear, uncrackable seal.

-- Amy Spencer

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