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How to Get the Spare Room Ready for Company

Company's coming and they're crashing too. Yikes! Get the spare room ready in no time.

Comfy Chair: Pull in an oversize seat for late-night chillin'. It'll also give guests something to drape their clothes over -- especially if the dresser and closet are stuffed.

Roomy Bed: Cranky guests who got a rotten night's sleep? Not cool. Go for a full-size bed (at the very least). Use a feather bed topper to help even out a sagging mattress.

Night Lights: No wall switch? Add a bedside lamp so bunkers won't stub their toes on the way to the loo.

Alarm Clock Radio: Let visitors sleep in but give them the chance to rise and shine with their favorite tunes. Select a music mode that doesn't require a Mensa genius to operate!

Pillow Talk: Have at least two per guest. Go for nonfeather to prevent late-night sneezes.

Juicy Reads: Pile up the latest mags, books and papers you think guests would want to sit back and dig their noses in. So bring in all those celeb weeklies!

Chic Toiletries: Give them the VIP hotel treatment and have a fresh supply of soap, lotion and toothpaste on hand. (Uh, skip the shower cap and sewing kit.)

Extra Blankets: Too hot? Too cold? Let 'em decide for themselves and toss a few extra layers on the foot of the bed. Play it safe and avoid wool or down; guests + allergy attacks = so not fun.

Soft Rug: Treat feet to warm fuzzies (bonus points for slippers!).

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-- Krissy Tiglias

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